Roadtrip part 2/3.
Camping in Klitmoller!
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Roadtrip part 1.
Our first stop was Ronbjerg, the tiniest little village by a fjord in northern Denmark. I haven't been there for soo many years! When I was little I used to spend the summers wild camping there with my family & friends - actually right where our car is parked in picture nr two above. I got really nostalic when I discovered nothing had changed around there... oohh, childhood memories!
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Quite obvious I guess, we're gonna go roadtrippin in denmark!
Looking forward to sleeping in the car, eating of paper plates, watching the sunset every night, some stand up paddeling in klitmöller,
lots of snuggling in the sleeping bags, taking pictures of everything, listening to my man playing guitar by the sea, and all that :) 
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